Top Five Points from each table

AThenry Parish Forum November 18th 2010


No 1 Points

  1.       Lay Leadership in the Church
  2.       Role of women in the Church
  3.       Young people to return to Church
  4.       Youth involvement, authentic reflection of their needs/culture
  5.       Future of the Church: priests numbers diminishing; role of laity; deacons – when?
  6.       Involvement of youth in mass/parish
  7.       Importance – Family home, where it starts
  8.       Importance of Marriage & Family Life
  9.       Women in Church
  10.       Youth

No 2 Points

  1.       Follow-up following the children’s mass? To address needs of different age groups
  2.       How to manage and prepare for the problem of no vocations and the current rules
  3.       Women priests
  4.       Gender equality – roles and ministries of the Church
  5.       Alive ‘O’ programme in primary schools: wooley – very little doctrine; is our Church listening to the concerns of the people?
  6.       Abuse/bad reports – move on
  7.       Why Catholic Church doesn’t allow women priests
  8.       How Vatican represents the people in treating victims/perpetrators of abuse
  9.       Involvement in various ministries
  10.       Sunday 10.00am to be family Mass again


No 3 Points

  1.       How can the Church recover and move on following all the cases of child abuse and the cover up of same by the hierarchy?
  2.       Bring song into the Church and reduce the importance of the choir
  3.       Married priests
  4.       Married clergy – future of priesthood
  5.       Adult education: to develop what we learned when young; to help us to develop a mature understanding of our faith. Confessions: forgiveness and encouragement; genuine love of God and our neighbours; traditional confession with a lot of openness
  6.       Rome to listen to people
  7.       Theological grounding – teachings. Media agenda forming the way they (people?) think, who they are & what they need.
  8.       Laity Involvement
  9.       Liturgy / Mass


No 4 Points

  1.       Use of the internet as a means of communication
  2.       Simple teaching of Christ
  3.       Importance of married life
  4.       Pro-active role of women in the Church: women priests and deacons; freedom of choice
  5.       Decline of priests – role of lay people
  6.       Young people – encourage them into church. Times of change.
  7.       Encourage & support each other in faith
  8.       Children’s involvement.
  9.       Catholic religious education ethos


No 5 Points

  1.       More help groups or advisory groups set up to advise people on different problems
  2.       Promote greater reverence
  3.       Involvement of laity in Church and forms that will take
  4.       House keeping Athenry: size/type of hosts; number on seats; tabernacle to be moved; openness of Church groups to newcomers
  5.       Deceased at centre of altar
  6.       Pastoral role of laity
  7.       Modernisation of message
  8.       Parents handing on the faith / regular meetings of parishioners
  9.       Keep website current

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