Garda Vetting

It is now procedure that all people involved with young people in a Parish setting have their details submitted to the National Garda Vetting Unit in Thurles for Garda vetting. You will appreciate the necessity of this both for the protection of young people and vulnerable adults, as well as those who work with them in the Parish.   Since the unit opened itself to parishes and other groups last year, there has we believe been a backlog of applications being processed. The priests of the diocese were submitted for vetting last October, and we are now in a position to begin submitting forms on behalf of all other parish personnel and volunteers.


The form will be processed on your behalf through the Western Regional Vetting Office in Galway. We wish to ensure you that all information provided will be treated with the utmost confidence. You should fill out the form and return it in the envelope provided at your earliest possible convenience. The forms will then be signed by Fr. Tony and forwarded on for processing. Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Parish. Forms not properly completed are normally returned, so please take your time in filling it out. We appreciate that many people in the Parish will have already completed these forms as part of their employment or for other groups they are involved in, however as there is no cross-referencing available the forms need to be filled out again.

Garda Vetting Forms are available from the Parish Office.


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