Childrens Liturgy Group



The Parish celebration of the Eucharist could be described as an adult experience.  Very often the Mass can be about connecting with adults and it id so easy to forget that there are children present, and indeed that children are most welcome.

The Children's Liturgy Group or Good News Club in the Parish affords young people from pre-school age to First Communion an opportunity to celebrate and worship on a Sunday in a child friendly way.

The Liturgy Group takes place at the 11.00 am. Mass each Sunday.

The children are invited to gather around the altar at the start of Mass and then proceed to the sacristy accompanied by adult supervisers.

Once inside the children are welcomed and here a simplified version of the Gospel of the day, from the children's bible.  There is then a quick question and answer time to help the children to understand better the Gospel of the day.

This is often followed by an opportunity to draw, colour or be involved in some arts and crafts based on the Gospel and theme of the Sunday.

The Children's Liturgy takes place every weekend of the year, except during the month of August when it takes a summer break.

All parents, guardians and members of the Children's Liturgy Group should be familiar with our Safeguarding Children Policy.


  Childrens Liturgy Group Contact person: Deirdre Leech on 091-844076




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