Civil Registration of Marriage

Since 5th November 2007, any couple proposing to marry should begin the process by contacting their local Registration Office to make an appointment to meet the Registrar to give him/her their marriage notification. Notification can be taken only by prior appointment with registrar.

Registrar for County Galway: Teresa O'Reilly Marriage Registrar, 25 Newcastle Road, Galway.

Phone: 091-523122

Check out the Registrar's website here.

You do not neeed to attend the Galway Office.  You may attend any office in the country.  To find the office closest to you click here

While only three month's notice is required by law, couples are advised to contact the Registrar as soon as they know their intended date of marriage to ensure they can get a timely appointment.

The registrar will issue each party to an intended marriage, and their priest, with an acknowledgement confirming the date of the receipt of the notification.

When the registrar is satisfied that all required details have been provided and that the couple are free to marry, he or she will issue them with a Marriage Registration Form (MRF) based on the information they have provided. This is a critical document as it is effectively the civil authorisation for the marriage to proceed. All couples wishing to marry in Ireland must first be issued with an (MRF) which should be given to the priest celebrating the marriage prior to the ceremony.

This is the responsibility of the couple being married.

The law also requires that the couple make a verbal declaration of freedom to marry within 48 hours of the Marriage taking place. This is done in the presence of the priest and the two witnesses to the Marriage. For convenience it is suggested that this takes place at the rehearsal.

It is also the responsibility of the couple to ensure that the form is returned to any Registrars Office within one month of the date of Marriage. It recommended that this document be delivered by hand or failing this that it be sent by registered post.


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