Marriage Papers

Filling out the Marrige Papers is not a big ordeal!  Your priest really does all the work here!


When should I have the papers filled out?

Normally papers are filled out within six months of the date of Marriage.


Where do I go to fill out my papers?

Go to the priest of the Parish where you are currently living, providing you will have lived there for six months by the time of your Marriage.


What do I bring?

Bring the following documents:

  • Baptism Certificate (Not a Birth Certificate).  The Certificate you bring needs to be issued by the Parish where your baptism took place, and should be date no more than six months prior to the date of Marriage.  If you are having your papers filled out in the Parish where you were baptised, then you do not have to bring the Cert as it will be issued with your papers.
  • Confirmation Certificate
  • Letter of Freedom or Affadavit - When you are getting Married you have to prove that you were not married before.  The traditional way of doing this was through the Letter of Freedom, which should be obtained from every parish you hane lived in for six months or more since reaching the age of 16.  However as people now move around more and may not know the priests, the Statutory Declaration Form is an acceptable alternative.  It may be downloaded here, and signed in the presence of a Commissioner For Oaths or solicitor.
  • Pre Marraige Course Certificate
  • The name and address of the Church where you are being married if it outside the Parish where you are having your papers completed.
  • The name of the priest who is performing the ceremony.

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