The Parish Youth Council



  • Encourages and enables the faith development and catechesis of young people in the Parish.
  • Co-ordinates the music & liturgy for the 7.30pm. Mass every Sunday.
  • Is involved in organising 'Life Nights' every Sunday evening for students from Third Year to Leaving Cert.
  • Organises overnight Youth Retreats which take place at weekends, once per term in Esker and Connemara.
  • Liases with the Diocesan Youth Council (DYC) and participates in their events.
  • Liases with the Parish Pastoral Council and brings the views of the Youth Council on particular issues to the Pastoral Council.
  • Holds fundraising events to support the work of the Youth Council throughout the year.


The Youth Council Executive 2010

Co- Chairpersons:                     Thomas Connolly & James de Burca           

Secretary:                                  Christina Shortt

Treasurer:                                  Colm Murphy

Public Relations Officer:           Chris Lane





St. Mary's Parish deeply values the ability, interest and faith development of young people.  There are variuos programmes currently available in the Parish, and with almost 1,500 students attending secondary school in the Parish, there is a large young population in the Parish.  An average of 150 baptisms in the past three years in the Parish refelects an ever expanding population of younger adults in our Parish, this is as opposed to 37 deaths last year.  The establishment of the Parish Youth Council is an exciting new development which will hopefully involve young people ever more deeply in the life of the Parish.  This development comes at the end of a year which saw the participation of the National Evangelisation Team (NET) in the Parish through the academic year 2009 - 2010. 

 Athenry Parish Youth Council is made up of young people from the Parish.  The executive of the Youth Council, which is made up of five teenagers oversees the working of the Council and liases through it's co-chairpersons with the Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Team.  The Youth Council meets on the Sunday previous to the first Monday of each month, after 7.30pm Mass in the Canton Hall.  If you are interested in becoming involved in the Youth Pastoral Council or in attending any of our events, or those of the Diocesan Youth Council, feel free to contact any of the executive or keep an eye on this page for further details.  We are always delighted to hear from new people and listen to their views!!


Life Nights

Life Nights take place every Sunday night after the 7.30pm Mass from 8.30pm to 10.30pm. (Except nights of Youth Council Meetings & Retreat Weekends).  The night is two hours of exploration of faith issues as well as fun and friendship.  The theme usually follows on from the theme of weekend Mass.  All 3rd to 6th Years are welcome!!!  To find out more check out


Contact the Parish Youth Council

St. Mary's Parish Youth Council can be contacted at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

 All involved with young people in our Parish should be familiar with our Safeguarding Children Policy.

Diocesan Youth Council

Check out the Diocesan Youth Council Website


NET Ministries

The NET Team were in our Parish for the past year.  Check them out


CI Readings