First Communion Programme

 DO THIS IN MEMORY Masses 2019-20

Sunday 10th November, 2019

Sunday 24th November, 2019

Sunday 15th December, 2019

Sunday 26th January, 2020

Sunday 09th February, 2020

Sunday 15th March, 2020

Palm Sunday 5th April, 2020

Sunday 26th April, 2020


First Holy Communion 2020

   Saturday 2nd May at 12 noon at the

Church of the Immaculate Conception, Newcastle


   Saturday 9th May at 12 noon at the

 Church of the Assumption, Athenry

   for the pupils of Gaelscoil Riada


    Saturday 16th May at 12 noon at the

 Church of the Assumption, Athenry

  for the pupils of Lisheenkyle, Carnaun & Coldwood


    Saturday 23rd May at 12 noon at the

 Church of the Assumption, Athenry

  for the pupils of Scoil Chroí Naofa & Boys’ School


The Do This In Memory Programme is a parish-based preparation programme for First Holy Communion.  The programme compliments the children’s school-based work and takes place outside of the school classroom.  The programme does not replace the religious teaching in the schools.  The programme is designed to facilitate the active involvement of parents, guardians and children in the preparation for First Holy Communion. 

 The Do This In memory co-ordinating group is newly formed every year and is made up of parents/guardians of children who will be making their First Holy Communion.  The programme revolves around the children and their families’ attendance at a number of special monthly Masses, the children’s attendance at one of the activity workshops and finally culminating in their participation at their First Holy Communion Mass.

 Participation in the co-ordinating group is voluntary and all parents/guardians are invited to join.  The co-ordinating group usually consists of approximately 8/10 parents who offer their services throughout the programme.  Ideally the programme has at least two volunteers from each of the schools involved.  The programme commences in September and concludes in June and involves the following national schools in the parish of Athenry:  Boys School, Coldwood, Carnaun, Gaelscoil Riada, Lisheenkyle, Newcastle and Scoil Chroi Naofa.


The co-ordinating group :

·       maintains ongoing contact with parents and guardians via text or letter each month.

·       maintains the KIDZONE in the church (a space dedicated to the First Holy Communion children.  This space changes from month to month with the children’s art work and reflects the theme of the special masses)

·       the group co-ordinates the special monthly Masses

·       the group co-ordinates and supervises the children’s activity workshops

 Throughout the programme parents/guardians are encouraged to:

·       be at mass with their child each sunday of the programme

·       pray with their children at home

·       read the monthly grapevine with their child each month.

·       talk to their children about the programme

·       reflect seriously about the celebration of this sacrament with their children


 To conclude, it is hoped that the participation of the parents/guardians and the children in the     Do This in Memory Programme will form a lasting memory. 

We hope that the children’s First Holy Communion year will be a special and happy time in their lives.

All parents/guardians and participants should familiarise themselves with the Safeguarding Children Policy.

Contact person:  Patricia O Farrell Mobile number: 0862525679

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